Center of Spiritual Light helps individuals and organizations move into greater power, authenticity, and freedom by helping them breakthrough unproductive thinking, patterns, and systems.

Many years ago after I said “yes” to my spiritual calling, Spirit showed me a vision of an interspiritual space in which people could pray, sing, be spiritually nurtured, experience emotional and spiritual healing, and connect with diverse people in love. At the time I was given the vision, I’d never imagined any such interspiritual space. I hadn’t even heard the word “interspiritual.”

Although I wasn’t quite sure how this vision could really happen, Iknew that it would. The joy I saw on the faces of those who were in the vision filled my heart with joy. As each person was receiving the kind of spiritual food that filled their entire appetites, they were healed, renewed and transformed. And then they brought that transformation into the world.

While Center of Spiritual Light is not yet all of what I was shown in the vision, since our founding in 2002, we have brought together thousands of people of different religions, spiritual practices, races, ethnicities, cultures, ages, classes, sexual orientations, and more. What a joy it is for me to see people experience more about the bigness of God and God’s love – for it changes their lives and mine.

Through Friday Night Live gatherings, Taking Back My Life empowerment groups, couples’ counseling, retreats, organizational consulting, worship gatherings, sermons, books or other programs and services, Center of Spiritual Light uses spiritual wisdom expressed in different religions and spiritual practices to support your spiritual healing, growth or transformation. Be a part of a wondrous vision, and watch the joy fill your life in abundance.

                                       - Rev. Dr. Cari Jackson, Founder & Director