Announcing Dr. Cari's Newest Book!


"Bill Rhoden on Sports." Aired August 28, 2015

Bill and Jamal welcomed playground legend Carlton "Moto" Greene and Dr. Cari Jackson to the podcast. Carlton and Dr. Jackson have co-authored the book, "Still Got Game", a reflection of Carlton's years dominating the NYC playground.


(As mentioned in the New York Times (June 15, 2015), our latest project, Still Got Game, by Carlton Greene and Dr. Cari Jackson)

ABOUT THE BOOK: Still Got Game is the extraordinary debut release from former professional basketball player, Carlton “Moto” Greene. This is the true story of a rising star’s exceptional skills and self-sabotage. The NBA legend-in-the-making, recruited by the New York Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks, paid a high emotional cost after witnessing a double-murder at age 17. What unfolds is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Self-admitted stubbornness, silence and unchecked fear plunged this gifted athlete into homelessness for nearly five years, sleeping on the trains and living on the streets of New York City. Greene courageously lays his life bare as an example of how anyone can find themselves living beneath their potential. But, there is redemption and new possibilities as Greene pivots and transforms his many blocked shots into a winning season.